02 Location

In the heart of Wroclaw,
by the River

Oława river

Living in the city, close to the nature

The Upper House is located between Old Town and Olawa River with the promenade and parks, the location provides a balanced way to live in the modern pace of city life. An elevating urban experience while being intimately connected to the energy of the nature, water, trees and sky, neighbors and community.

Old town

All you need is here

1 min


In the past we had to build our life around water Today it is a luxury Your well-being and happiness has never been so close by.

5 min


Everything you wanted to know about water and were not afraid to ask: Hydropolis is one of the most modern science centers and an impressive exhibition with numerous thematic zones.

15 min


A place where several hundred years of history and cultures crisscross. It's also a bustling center with impressive architecture, historical monuments, and intriguing culinary offerings from nearby restaurants.

20 min


The oldest zoo in Poland and over 33 hectares filled with a wide variety of animal specimens. It is one of the most famous zoos in Europe, with numerous attractions, enclosures, and an oceanarium (afrykarium), which is a year-round magnet for all ages.

Wroclaw night life

Feel the city vibes

Discover cinemas, theaters, opera, and numerous live concerts. A full range of local flavors and cuisines of the world will not allow any monotony. Drink with friends or a formal dinner? You will surely find your place.

The Upper House
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