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The Upper House is part of the awards winning brand Angel Poland Group known for their luxury projects in prime locations making your present choice an asset for a secured future. We chose EPR Architects, a local and global company “Sustainability is embedded into our design approach”.

Enjoy a breathtaking

Watch the sunset or meet the sunrise on the top floor terrace and see Wroclaw from a bird's-eye.

Setting standards in luxury design

The Upper House characterize the highest quality of materials, an amazing view from the apartments on the top floors, closeness to nature and a range of facilities that will meet the expectations even the most demanding customers. The Upper House is the newest, the most luxury project in the portfolio of Angel Poland Group. We create a whole new way of living, forming ideas to reality.

Social & enviromental



made of durable materials increase the thermal mass of the building limiting daily temperature fluctuations and deep-set windows additionally covered with balconies reduce direct sunlight from the residential premises on the south, east and west sides.



to reduce the heating of the building and increase biodiversity and allow for the retention of rainwater.


Shared open

with tenement houses from Oławskie suburb and a sensory park.

The Upper House
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