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An extraordinary space to live in

All apartments are designed with their residents in mind. Large windows, generous balconies and terraces offering breathing space, underfloor heating for cosy winter days, and thogutful layouts for flexibility and great variety of lifestyles.

Apartments on lower floors designed with higher level of privacy and views into beautiful courtyard and Sensory Park nearby. In the Apartments on upper levels you get an amazing views out into Przedmieście Oławskie, Oława River, Plac Grunwaldzki, Wroclaw’s city centre, and The Upper House’s beautiful roof gardens.

layout example


The studio apartment is a practical and thoughtful space. A bathroom that can accommodate all the necessary elements, a separate place for the kitchen, and a large living room that is the center of the apartment. This room leads to a potential relaxation and rest area, which is the spacious balcony.

31,5 m2


Every single element which is necessary for life and leisure in a perfectly planned form. The center here is the living room connected to the kitchen, and the boundary element between the two spaces can be a separate space for the dining area. Complementing the places for relaxation and admiring the urban landscape are two associated balconies belonging to the living room and bedroom.

48 m2


An apartment where everything has its place with plenty of space to arrange according to your preferences. A living room with a dining area and proximity to the kitchen, two bedrooms and bathrooms, and a dedicated dressing room with the option to use it also as a laundry room. The connecting point between all the rooms is a majestic terrace overlooking the urban landscape.

66,5 m2
The Upper House
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